When buying a house, many people will need to take out a mortgage in order to purchase their new property. This money is often borrowed from a bank and is repaid over the course of time, with the bank using the property as security if payments cannot be met.

We will advise you regarding the legal implications of the mortgage, as well as acting for your lender ensuring that the legal title not only meets your requirements, but also theirs.


Many homeowners wish to change mortgage providers for a variety of reasons, often to get a better rate mortgage or to release equity from a property.

We can help you through what can be a complicated process and will ensure that it happens as efficiently as possible, from the redemption of the existing mortgage to the completion of a new one. We will check through all the paperwork given to us by your mortgage provider, making sure that you are informed of any important legal information, and helping you complete your remortgage with ease.