Expert guidance and support to pursue medical negligence compensation claims

Medical or clinical negligence is the term used to describe substandard or negligent healthcare or treatment which results in injury or additional illness. It can mean a delayed or wrong diagnosis, failed surgery or inadequate nursing care. It includes GP, hospital and dental negligence claims.

We help with preparing and pursuing complaints. We believe that it is important to ask the correct questions in order to investigate your concerns fully and obtain answers as to the care provided and decisions made. It is often necessary to seek an independent medical opinion about what has happened. We provide a service obtaining that opinion, which we will then review with you.

Our fees are competitive and agreed with our clients in advance. We will ask you whether you have any legal expenses insurance, since it may be possible for you to use such cover to cover the cost of your claim.

We can also consider whether your claim is suitable for a no win no fee agreement. Under such an arrangement, we will charge for our work only if your claim is successful. What's more, in the event of a successful claim, the majority of our charges will be paid by the defendant. You may be liable for some charges, but we can guarantee that you will keep at least 75% of your compensation.