Media and entertainment law forms a complex landscape which can be challenging and is ever-changing. Protecting your rights and revenues, as well as your creative ideas, is crucial, and getting the right advice as early as possible in the process can set the right tone for any media business.

Battens is recognised as a leading UK law firm for media and entertainment, ranked in the Legal 500 in the South West for media and entertainment.

Our clients include television and film producers, all types of creatives, distributors, sales agents, writers, musicians, music publishers, venues, photographers, artists, animators and presenters. We handle negotiations, including packaging, financing and licensing, as well as contractual and copyright issues, enabling our clients to focus on what they do best.

We also act in the digital space for App creators and providers of software services.

From award-winning television series on Disney+ to seminal photographs of David Bowie to animated YouTube videos with 100 million views, we enable our clients to maximise their potential, and their revenue streams.

Our expertise includes:

  • Film and television financing and production agreements
  • Commercial agreements of any nature, including option agreements and IP assignments
  • Licensing and distribution/sales agency agreements
  • Copyright advice
  • Talent and management contracts
  • Standard terms and conditions and privacy policies
  • Sponsorship and endorsement agreements
  • Executive employment contracts and option schemes
  • Confidentiality agreements/NDAs
  • Advice on all privacy, data protection and GDPR issues

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