Ralph Wheeler

Associate Solicitor

Dispute Resolution, Mediation, Commercial Dispute Resolution, Inheritance and Probate Disputes

Ralph is an Associate Solicitor in the Dispute Resolution Department.

Ralph believes that thorough preparation is essential to making or defending any claim. He uses that approach in all the disputes he handles, and he employs his keen analytical and evaluation skills to advance his clients’ positions to best effect.

Ralph has a common-sense approach, and he makes sure that he understands his clients’ priorities and goals. Often, he will focus on ensuring that his clients avoid as far as possible the cost of litigation as well as the wider toll it can take.

Ralph represents clients who are involved in commercial disputes, including claims for the payment of unpaid invoices and counterclaims which allege that the goods and services were defective.

He also handles cases on behalf of clients which relate to land, trusts and the estates of deceased persons. These claims may relate to disputes about who owns land and whether it should be held or sold, to rights of beneficiaries and the duties of the trustees, to whether a particular will is valid, and to whether that will makes reasonable provision for the appropriate beneficiaries.


“Many thanks for your excellent work on my behalf. Thanks to your guidance, dedication and professionalism this dispute has now been resolved.”

Mrs F