85% of disputes which go through meditation are resolved.

Mediation can be a very effective way to resolve a dispute or claim. About 85% of disputes which go through mediation are resolved, either on the day or perhaps within the next few days. Representation and support during mediation is a service we offer to clients.

Mediation is a process whereby the parties to a dispute attempt to resolve it at a settlement meeting, where a mediator is present. The role of the mediator is to shuttle between the parties and to explore which issues divide the parties, what are the areas of common ground, how can the parties reach a compromise to bring their disagreement to an end.

Part of the mediator's role is to probe the parties' positions, to challenge their views and assumptions, and to push through a settlement which neither party would accept if they had things all their own way. Mediation is sometimes described as an exercise in sharing pain, since both parties may have to make concessions if a deal is going to be possible.

It is often better for the parties to agree to a compromise which is something they can live with, if the alternative is for them to incur the expense and risk of continuing with the litigation. The unpredictable nature of court proceedings makes going through a trial a risky prospect, and one which many parties decide that it is sensible to avoid.

We can lead you through the mediation process and help you to reach an outcome which brings the litigation to a positive end.

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