20 August 2019

Immigration can sometimes be a daunting and often complex area that sometimes deters both business and individuals in making key decisions in their everyday life. It can affect areas such as business growth and confidence, individuals’ aspirations in both entering and staying in the UK, to even questioning ‘is it worth all the hassle’?

Now more so than ever, in the current climate and with many people focused on Brexit and the uncertainty it has created, it is important to remember and to hopefully focus on the continuing success stories of business within the region that are continuing to thrive and move forward in such uncertain times with a fantastic, diverse work force.

One such firm is based in Bath. Having been established only within the last 18 months, they are a leading animation studio; currently working alongside very high profile and established international companies.

They are quite rightly proud of their diverse workforce and continue to look to employ incredibly talented people from both within and outside the EU. In this regard, Battens is very happy to be involved in the immigration recruitment process, enabling the company to recruit the right people at the right time regardless of where that person is currently living.

During the time Battens has spent assisting the company in its immigration requirements, we have provided tailored advice to help them retain any European nationals who wish to remain in the UK under the government’s new Settlement Scheme. Battens has provided assistance to individuals in all areas; from applying for the correct visa route, ensuring the evidence provided by them meets Home Office requirements, to advising on how to get the relevant evidence that is required. Such assistance ultimately helps the individual to continue their working life in the UK with the company.

For staff that the company have recruited from outside the EU and who require a Tier 2 visa, Battens has also assisted to make the transition seamless and less stressful than it needs to be. Not just providing advice to the company on the requirements of any job role they have and if it meets the Home Office’s requirements, but also in dealing with the individual coming to the UK – providing tailored advice on the documents they need to meet the visa requirement from an individual perspective.

Further, employees will also have loved ones with them in the UK and they will require immigration assistance. Not just to stay in the UK, but also in applying for visas of their own if required – if they wish to study, start a business, or even bring a family member to the UK for a visit.

As we potentially move forward to a changing UK where people from all over the world will now need a visa to enter, remain and settle in the UK, it is important that both business and individuals get the correct advice. Failure to do so can not only see costs spiral into several thousands of pounds, but also have a negative impact on both recruiting and keeping the right people in the long term.

If you are an employer and require assistance in recruiting the right people to help move forward your business, no matter how big or small, then Battens will be able to provide tailored immigration advice to you.

If you are an individual looking to enter, remain or settle in the UK, then Battens will be able to provide tailored immigration advice to you and any family members both in and outside of the UK.

For more information contact us on 0800 652 8373.

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