Slips, Trips and Falls

Occupiers of premises, landlords and businesses are under a duty to ensure that homes, offices and other buildings are safe for visitors. Local authorities and public bodies have duties to ensure that streets and public places are checked to ensure they are safe.

The public authority or occupier of premises has a duty to carry out regular inspections to prevent hazards, and a duty to respond to complaints and reports of defects. The courts do not expect knowledge of every defect, especially recent ones, but there is a duty to take reasonable care to prevent accidents.

If proper care has not been taken by the responsible body and you are injured, you may be entitled to claim compensation for the injuries and effects you have suffered.

Our specialists use their knowledge and experience to identify whether your claim is likely to succeed, and to pinpoint the evidence that will support your claim. We will contact and speak to witnesses and obtain relevant documents held by the occupier. We will identify and pursue the person or body responsible.

You can help us, and yourself, by noting the hazard which caused your injury, by checking the location of the accident, and by taking photographs of the hazard wherever possible. That will help us to understand the basis of your claim, and will enhance our ability to persuade the opponent and, if necessary, the court that you should receive compensation.

Examples of cases we have pursued successfully include accidents caused by:

  • Worn and uneven stairs
  • Raised drain covers
  • Mopped floors with no warning signs
  • Objects left on paths
  • Moving paving flags