Case Studies

04 January 2019

A major agri-business operating in the South West instructed the Dispute Resolution department at Battens to resolve a commercial dispute with a key figure in the UK egg industry.

The agri-business in question supplies chickens’ eggs to supermarkets around the UK. The other party to the dispute was one of the few commercial entities licensed to act as a market place and brokerage for Lion Code eggs in this country.

Seeing a commercial opportunity, the agri-business entered into an oral contract with the brokerage to buy over 2 million eggs from it. The agri-business intended to re-sell to its customers at a profit and to take advantage of the rising prices on the open market to sell any surplus for commercial gain.

Shortly after the contract was entered into, the brokerage reneged on its end of the deal, failing to supply thousands of eggs to the agri-business. Consequently, the agri-business suffered a loss, as it could not trade the eggs it had contracted for on the open market for a profit.

How we helped:

Dispute resolution specialist Peter Livingstone of Battens Solicitors ensured that the brokerage paid the agri-business the compensation it demanded together with the overwhelming majority of the agri-business’s legal costs.

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