14 January 2019

In these cash strapped times, more people are doing their own online divorce but there are significant financial risks of not getting legal advice from a specialist family law solicitor.

It is vital to take advice on the financial implications of your divorce and separation if:

  • You or your spouse own a property;
  • You or your spouse have a pension;
  • You or your spouse have a business;
  • You or your spouse have savings or investments;
  • You or your spouse have significant debts;
  • You or your spouse have a disparity of income which means that one of you may need to claim maintenance.

For example, did you know that obtaining the Decree Absolute in the divorce without getting a financial settlement finalised could result in the loss of pension or property rights? Delay getting advice could mean losing out on obtaining maintenance. This information is not made available to you when you sign up to an online divorce.

Recent research as part of the Government’s Wealth and Assets Survey found that the pensions and property assets of divorced women over 50 were disproportionately significantly less compared with married couples. Getting timely advice at the time of your divorce will avoid you just being part of a depressing statistic.

Investing years in a marital relationship gives rights to claim financial benefits from your ex-partner. At Battens we are concerned that some people are losing out significant sums.

The online DIY divorce only deals with the divorce procedure which is the gateway to getting a final financial order. The online schemes do not provide advice on your finances.

At Battens we tailor advice to your individual financial circumstances. Even if you are doing an online divorce our experienced family solicitors will advise you on the timing of your divorce which can be very important and will provide you with a competitive and reliable estimate of costs at the outset to assist you to achieve a legally binding financial settlement.

You may only want a one-off consultation with one of our solicitors but you could get advice which will significantly improve your financial position and ensure that you do not miss out in years to come. We offer advice on single issues or the entire divorce and/or financial package. Always get advice at the time of your separation or divorce so you do not lose what you are entitled to.

For advice please contact or visit our divorce and separation page for more information.