09 March 2023

The BBC recently published an article discussing the increase in the number of people now choosing to have a Direct Cremation. What is a Direct Cremation and why are they now more popular?

Traditionally a funeral service would be held in a church or a crematorium where family and friends are able to pay their last respects. The service provided by the Funeral Director will include the conveying of the body to the church/crematorium be it by hearse, horse drawn carriage or a motor cycle. There may be a limousine of two for the family members.

A Direct Cremation is exactly as it says. The body is taken by the Funeral Directors to the crematorium and the family are later provided with the ashes.

The main reason these are becoming so popular is cost. Many people, after working for all their lives, want to ensure their families benefit as much as possible. A Direct Cremation costs in the region of £1,600 compared to the average traditional funeral of £4,000.

How can I ensure my funeral wishes are carried out? Following someone’s death the payment of the funeral is the responsibility of the Executors. It is for them to organise the funeral or they may allow other family members to make the arrangements. It is possible to include in your will a wish as to your funeral arrangements, however this is only a wish and it is at the end of the day the Executors decision.

It is therefore important to make your Executors aware of your funeral wishes and it is important to have discussed it with your family also. Many family members would prefer to have a traditional funeral where they have the opportunity to say their last good-byes.