My Legal Life

09 March 2023

After studying law at Cardiff University, I joined Battens as a trainee in 2006, I had wanted to work for a large high quality law firm and Battens fitted the bill. Battens has deep roots in the West Country so I was well aware of its strong reputation as I was born and brought up in Somerset and educated here. I was Head Girl at Sexeys School in Bruton, so I was delighted to come back to the beautiful place I call home.

Battens has a family feel to it, and I am very proud of the culture of collaboration within the firm. When I started as a trainee, I was given a lot of help and support by William Christopher who was instrumental in setting up the Sherborne office fifty years ago. He encouraged and mentored me and provided a broad range of training and hands-on experience with clients. His faith in me, built my confidence and this same approach towards nurturing talent within the firm makes Battens what it is today. I get a kick out of seeing trainees and younger colleagues progress and succeed.

The same is true about my Private Client work, although some cases can be emotional and demanding at times, I still get enormous satisfaction out of creating support for people at difficult times in their lives. Our clients are very loyal to us, and it is wonderful to see the next generation of the same family I have worked with through the years coming through the door looking for advice.

I became a Senior Associate seven years ago and continued to progress within the firm taking over the management of the Sherborne Office and the marketing team. I have seen a lot of positive changes since I started here 16 years ago, three new offices have opened, and we have plans for more which is very exciting. I never expected that I would be a Director and business owner by the age of forty, but women have really progressed in terms of leadership in both the firm and in the legal profession.

60% of the leadership team also trained at Battens including our Managing Director, a testament to the work/life balance we have here, which encourages staff to stay with us.

I am also a trustee with the Battens Charitable Trust which is a great privilege to administer, particularly at the moment when there is so much need. Our staff get involved in fundraising and social events for it.

2023 is the fiftieth anniversary of the Sherborne office and I will be involved with a variety of social events to mark that. There is a great community here, and well worth celebrating.