05 November 2020

Battens are once again proud to be working with our local hospital, this time with their new Free Will Scheme aimed at benefiting the Dorset County Hospital Charity. DCH provides an amazing service, so if you leave them a gift in your Will you know it will benefit your local community.

There are inheritance tax benefits to leaving gifts to charity in your Will and this would include the DCH Charity. Any gifts are free of inheritance tax and this is in additional to the usual exemptions such as the nil rate band and the residential nil rate band.

In addition, if you leave more than 10% of your estate to charity, then the remainder of your estate qualifies for a reduced rate of inheritance tax at 36%, rather than the usual 40%. This may mean that your family receives less, but if you do have the intention of making significant gifts to charity, then it would be worth taking professional advice to ensure that your Executors can claim this reduced rate of inheritance tax.

If you have any questions about charitable legacies or if you would like a free half hour appointment to discuss Wills, Powers of Attorney, inheritance tax or administering an estate, please contact 01305 216205.