24 May 2023

This year, we were incredibly proud to have the opportunity to sponsor Teddy Rocks Festival in Blandford Forum.

Teddy Rocks was set up by Tom Newton following the tragic death of his younger brother, Ted Newton. Ted was 10 years old when he lost his battle with Ewing’s Sarcoma in 2010. Ted’s family have managed to keep Ted’s memory alive through their charity work. They set up their own charity, Teddy 20, to help raise money for other children coping with cancer.

Tom decided to put on a small gig at a local pub in 2011 where they managed to raise £400. Since then, the “small gig” has grown to be an award-winning festival raising over £250,000 for charity. All profits from Teddy Rocks are donated to Charity.

This year, an incredible £85,968 was raised.

Ceri Stephens, Rachael Webber and Jason Carr from Battens attended the festival with their families.

“As soon as I heard about this festival and its cause, I knew that we had to sponsor it. I am very proud that Battens have played a part in the total sum raised. This money will be used to support families going through some of the hardest times of their lives and this makes it all worthwhile. Battens has always been a firm which gives back to the community and to charity. We all enjoyed ourselves and hope to continue our relationship with Teddy Rocks going forward.” - Ceri Stephens, Managing Director of Battens.

“I have previously attended Teddy Rocks with my family. We are regular festivalgoers, and I was immediately impressed with how such a small festival had so much personality. I spoke to Ceri about the festival and how it was a charity event which we could sponsor. She automatically agreed. It is a great festival which is very safe and everyone is friendly. You don’t have to feel bad about spending too much money at the bar either, as you know that the money is all going to a good cause (at least this is the excuse I was given by my partner!).” – Rachael Webber

“This is my favourite small festival, which I have attended many times. I felt incredibly proud to be attending this year as a sponsor! As always, I had a blast!” - Jason Carr