14 July 2022

300 year old legal firm Battens Solicitors is embracing a positive future with the launch of a new brand, and state of the art website.

The bold new look for Battens and its new client-friendly website has been devised in partnership with the Dorset based international brand, design and digital agency, Fathom.

The website has been designed with the user at the forefront; a simpler and intuitive site which is easier and quicker to navigate whether it is viewed on a desktop, laptop, or mobile device.

A new yellow and black colour palette has replaced the former dark blue and silver branding colours and the Battens logo has been refreshed with a more progressive and innovative design.

The new brand reflects the values of the new leadership team which took over the management of Battens Solicitors more than a year ago.

The Managing Director of Battens, Ceri Stephens said.” We are very proud of our 300 year old heritage and legal expertise which we can offer to clients but we are also a forward thinking firm with innovative ideas and plans for expansion. It is vitally important that we keep ahead of the curve in terms of technology, in the way we communicate with clients and the business world. The new branding and website deliver that, and we are delighted with what Fathom has achieved for us. They fully understood our vision for the company, an established legal firm meeting the challenges of the 21st century.”

The Managing Director of Fathom, Nigel Parsons said, “After a series of brand workshops - diving into the heart of what Battens is about and the journey they are going on, it was paramount the new brand identity exuded their forward-thinking team, progressive nature and positive energy. Each component part of the brand reflected their new direction and positive future. The look and feel are being rolled out across all collateral including a new website that puts the user journey at the centre of the site’s development. Designed to be ‘mobile-first’ for a consistent user journey across all platforms and optimised to reach a wider audience through organic searches. The team at Battens have been a joy to work with – totally professional and open to change.”