Nursing or Residential Care Homes Claims

When a difficult decision has been made to move from independent living into a residential or nursing care home, you need to feel secure in the knowledge that you, or a loved one, will be cared for in a safe and appropriate manner.

Good care, attending to medical and nursing needs as appropriate, is critical to ensure continued good health in the new environment.

Sadly, the care provided does not always ensure a comfortable, healthy existence for the remainder of life, however long or short that may be. Such failures can have a dramatic effect on future health and any existing mobility, and can even affect life expectancy.

Mistakes can include:

  • Poor care resulting in the development of pressure sores
  • Failing to administer adequate nursing care when, for example, dressing wounds or administering artificial feeds
  • Failing to identify the risk of falls, resulting in preventable falls
  • Delays in identifying the need for urgent medical intervention