Location / Bath

I have been an active player in the South West for almost 7 years having relocated here from the North East, where I was a key player in a local Residential and Commercial department before joining Battens.

Before moving to the South West, I worked in my North East home as a leading role in the house-building sector as well as for a major national building society.

I am able to provide support on all aspects of not only residential property, but also commercial property, bringing with me a new and fresh set of skills. Having previously worked as an in-house lawyer in the property sector, I fully understand the financial and strategic factors to be taken into account, as well as the legalities.

One of the additional skills I am able to offer our clients is planning and development work, helping clients find legal solutions to sometimes challenging commercial property.

Out of offices interests include an active role in the Martial Arts scene, with being a qualified instructor in the Martial Art of Aikido, I have also had the privilege of probably being the only person in Farrington Gurney who has fought the American actor, director and 7th Dan black belt Steven Seagal on the Aikido mat in Paris. Put it like this - it was an extremely interesting experience! I also like to keep fit with either cycling or walking.