Posted On / 01.04.2016

The Battle of the Kylies

How to protect your brand

What can companies learn from Kylie Minogue -v- Kylie Jenner?

For a growing band of reality stars, their name is the only product they have to sell. Like any business, many of them work hard to establish a name for themselves and set themselves apart from their competitors.

Kylie Jenner rose to fame through her role on the reality show “Keeping Up with the Kardashians”. She is now applying to trademark “Kylie” for her growing clothing and beauty product range. This trademark application is being opposed by the Australian pop star Kylie Minogue, who has already trademarked “Kylie Minogue”, “Kylie Minogue Darling” and “Lucky – the Kylie Minogue musical”.

Kylie Jenner has amassed 14.6 million twitter followers: she has been (correctly) advised that registering a trademark is a natural extension of her identity and a great way to protect her brand and maximise its value. Trade marks are an essential part of protecting the brand integrity not just of TV reality stars, but of any business, and ensuring that your business can stop another business from attempting to steal the goodwill attached to your brand.

You should not hesitate in protecting anything that is unique to your business, for example your company name, any names of products or services, logos or slogans that mark you out as “special”.

We look forward to seeing who will win the battle of the Kylies: whether Ms Jenner succeeds or not will be a question of whether any confusion might arise, in the mind of a member of the general public, when faced with a bottle of perfume branded “Kylie”.

To most of us over 40, that's Kylie Minogue.

To those of us under 25, it could be Ms Jenner.

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