Posted On / 12.05.2015

Resolve your Legal Matters with Battens Solicitors

Government elections always bring about a degree of uncertainty with promises and changes to the law being bandied about in pre-election speeches. Regardless of who will win, there will undoubtedly be changes afoot.

You may decide to wait until after the election to make the important decisions, whether it is to write or update your Will, to move home, or to organise your affairs and plan for your future. Whatever your intention, you may want some expert legal guidance.

The good news is that Battens Solicitors have made this easier for you. From June 8th we are bringing our legal services to you. 

We will be available for face-to-face appointments at Wareham Library from 10am-1pm every Monday. They are an expansion of the ongoing services we provide at our permanent offices in Dorchester, Weymouth, Sherborne, Yeovil and London.  

So why is it important to have legal advice? For one thing, the law doesn’t always work the way you think it’s going to. In the last year alone we have seen changes to Intestacy Rules, Inheritance Tax, Parental Leave, Stamp Duty and Tenancy Deposit Regulations, to name just a few.  These affect businesses and individuals alike.

If, like many people, you:

are meaning to make a Will but just ‘haven’t had the time’ to do know that your Will is out of date but have not updated itwould like to appoint someone to act for you regarding your financial and health affairs should something happenare thinking of buying or selling a propertyare contemplating divorce or separation have issues regarding your landlord or tenants are owed money by businesses or individuals need advise on employment matters either as a business or individual

Then Battens are here to help. Drop in or call 01929 768720 to make an appointment to talk to one of our specialists who will be able to provide detailed personal legal advice.  Our first half hour is free, so there is nothing to lose.

Attending the clinics are Christine Butterfield, Natalie Mason and Karen Woodbridge from Battens’ Wills, Probate and Trust Department, Sarah Ford from the Commercial and Residential Property Department, Cherise Luke-Bennett and Georgina Bacon from the Family Team and Angela Loveless from the Debt Recovery Department.

They can also point you to specialist solicitors with our Employment, Planning, Agriculture, Dispute Resolution, Landlord and Tenant, and Personal Injury and Clinical or Medical Negligence Departments who also be happy to help you.

We aim to help you to get your legal matters dealt with in a timely manner, without the need to travel too far to get the best advice. 

Available for pre-booked or drop in appointments

Every Monday 10am-1pm at Wareham Library

01929 768720