Posted On / 07.11.2016

Employee Performance – 5 Stars or Treading Water?

Good performance in your staff is undeniably key to the success of your business. As managers you know when performance is seriously lacking but the challenge is often;  

  1. How to spot the initial signs
  2. How to deal with it in a positive way for the business and the employee  

Many factors can play a part in poor performance. There may be more than one factor involved in each case. The factors are:  

  • Attitude
  • Motivation
  • Ability
  • Suitability for the Job
  • Incorrect resources 

Other factors that can play a part are: 

  • Personal life
  • Health

A two pronged approach is needed. Appraisals and, as required - Action.


Appraisals provide a yearly or 6 monthly opportunity to discuss any issues with the factors a-e that may well be starting to have an impact on performance. Managers have a free opportunity to bring up concerns. Once raised, there is an opportunity then to address the problems. For example, Ability issues can be dealt with in training, Health issues may require adjustments.  

Often just talking can result in an improvement in Motivation!  

If you know about the problem, you can start to address it. What’s more important is appraisals also provide a RECORD. If there are problems with performance, this can be invaluable going forward in taking.........  


When poor performance is identified, the right action (or process) is determined by the particular factor. If Health is the issue, the process is centered on the Employee’s capabilities.  

In all other cases, generally a process is required facing the problems. Unfortunately there is no scientific evidence that the Ostrich approach works.........

By using a series of meetings, consultations, discussions and warnings when appropriate, issues of performance will be addressed. Your business will benefit from this not only as a result of engaging the employee in their own development but in terms of general moral in colleagues. Often poor performing staff are silently resented by other staff who may well be carrying them.  

In summary, engage with your staff, get legal advice when there’s a problem and deal with it before it develops further.

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