Posted On / 02.02.2018

Check your Dispensed Medication

When we attend our local chemist to collect prescribed medication, whether this is located in a High Street shop or in your local GP practice, we usually take it for granted that the chemist or pharmacist has dispensed the correct medication.  

However, it is not uncommon for errors to occur and for patients to be given a completely different drug to that prescribed.  

This can be extremely dangerous.   Doctors take great care to decide the correct medication for you, based on your health needs as well as age and any other medical conditions.  

To be provided with the wrong medication can be likened to playing Russian roulette, as you simply don’t know what that tablet or liquid contains when you swallow it.  

The wrong medication can have devastating consequences. For example, consider the effects of a medication to reduce blood pressure wrongly being taken by a patient with already low blood pressure, or a morphine based medication to control pain in a patient not used to its strong sedative effect.

Patients who receive the wrong medication are often completely unaware of why they are feeling unwell. They are facing a double challenge: not only have they introduced something unexpected and unknown into their system, but they are without the benefit of the medicine they need. Hospital admissions as a result of such errors are commonplace, as illness and side effects start suddenly and are often severe. It can be some time until the mistake is identified and realised as the reason for the ill health. All of this can result in a frightening experience for the patient.  

Legal claims can be brought in such situations. Patients can seek compensation for the ill health suffered, and to reflect their anxiety in trusting medications in the future. They may also have suffered financial losses including loss of earnings.  

If you have suffered a dispensing error in the last 3 years, get in touch with us here at Battens. We provide a comprehensive clinical negligence service including claims for dispensing errors.   We can help you pursue a legal claim against the pharmacy concerned, to help you obtain compensation and move on from the incident.  

Our specialist team is local to you and very experienced, specialising in clinical claims. We have offices located throughout Somerset and Dorset - from Bath to Weymouth and Wareham. We are highly sympathetic and make it a point to treat all our clients as individuals, not numbers. We also offer No Win, No Fee type fee arrangements in a lot of cases.  

Lastly, remember that prevention is better than cure so do check the contents of your prescription to ensure this does not happen to you.

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