Posted On / 24.07.2017

Agree to Disagree

As family solicitors we know that relationships break down for a whole host of reasons. Obvious examples are when others get involved or interfere, when there are money disputes or differences over parenting or interests.  

In many instances communication deteriorates and trust reaches an all-time low when couples separate.  

This is when mediation is most useful.  

More separating couples are turning to family mediation to avoid costly, time consuming and stressful court proceedings.  

Mediation is a civilised way of resolving disputes when a relationship ends. In mediation couples can look at all the finances, including splitting the assets and ongoing financial support for the family.  Mediators can also help parents to work out arrangements for the children, where they will live, how they will keep in close touch with the other parent and family members and how they will be able to work together in the future. Participating in mediation usually improves communication and leads to lasting settlements.  

Couples meet with an independent mediator who will help them to consider all of the options and assist them to achieve a settlement. The process is confidential and the key is that the couple negotiate and stay in control over the choices made.   

The major benefits of mediation include that it is:

  • Much cheaper than going to Court, with clear fixed costs.
  • It is a short term service so can get results quickly.
  • It is much less stressful than going to Court as it reduces conflict which is a better outcome for children.
  • The couple have control in the process and jointly decide what will happen.  

For further information about family mediation speak to our Law Society Accredited family mediator Tracey Parsons on 01305 216209 or for any other mediation queries visit our Family Mediation page by clicking here

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