Why Battens

We are one of the largest and most successful top 500, full practice law firms in the South West.  We were founded more than 300 years ago, built a reputation for excellence amongst both our clients and our staff.

Join us in one of our offices in Bath, Dorset or Somerset, and find out first hand what makes us so unique.

Balancing the scales

We’re no run of the mill law firm; we expect our staff to be the best they can be - and facilitate their progression through strong career development opportunities - but we also expect them to have a life outside the office; which includes ensuring everyone has plenty of down time with families and friends.

Acting on Ambition

Advancing the careers of our staff is something we take seriously, which is why we actively invest in career development and training opportunities. We encourage staff at every level, to look out for courses they believe will enhance their working potential, so that we can help them reach and remain at the top of their game.