21 January 2020

Did you know that the average duration of marriage among opposite-sex couples who divorced in 2018 was 12.5 years?[1] This represents many years investment and some unravelling of arrangements over property, finances and the children.

We are at the time of year when separating couples decide to take formal steps to try to move on. It is always best to have an experienced, supportive family solicitor to do your divorce but even if you go ahead with the divorce online there are other issues with significant legal consequences to sort out.

When relationships break down, families face a lot of challenges. Among these are practical considerations such as “What arrangements will be best for any children?” and “What will happen with finances?” Professional family mediators act as neutral third parties to help ex-partners have conversations about these issues. Survey results just published show that this is a highly successful way of helping couples resolve disputes, with mediation successful in over 70% of cases.[2]

If you own a property, business, pension or there are other finances mediation can help you to resolve these issues in a less adversarial way. Rather than blaming each other to try to get the right result at court and have a decision imposed on you, in mediation you can agree on what should happen together.

If you have arrangements to make about children mediation can be used to make plans and often helps improve communication. It is well established that hostility and conflict between parents can impact on children and interfere with their life chances.

Family mediation is mainstream practice in the family justice system and our solicitor mediators have the relevant background specialism to assist clients.

Over the last couple of years family mediation has been made more accessible. Mediation is likely to be most effective when people speak face to face and in person, however, in situations when people cannot or decide not to come together in the same place to mediate it is possible now to use online video mediation. This is especially helpful if the separating couple life some distance apart.

It is quicker and much cheaper than court proceedings.

If you wish to have more information about family mediation, please contact our family solicitor mediator Tracey Parsons on 01305 250560 or

[1] Office of National Statistics: released 29/11/19
[2] Family Mediation Council – 2019 survey