Surgical Negligence Claims

The procedures and treatments that modern medicine can offer patients today are astounding.

All procedures carry some risk, but in some cases mistakes are made and things go wrong.

When mistakes happen in complex procedures, the effects can be devastating, resulting in damage to nerves or arteries, internal organs or other structures including the bowel or bladder.

At Battens, we have experience in dealing with claims as a result of errors in surgery including:

  • Failed or incomplete procedures
  • Technical errors, including medical items left inside the body
  • Errors in processing samples
  • Negligent technique or lack of skill resulting in damage to internal organs and structures

At Battens, we have experience in dealing with surgical negligence claims. If you are concerned that your surgical treatment was negligent and that you have suffered illness or injury as a result, call Victoria Knight on 01935 846131 for a free consultation. Your discussion will be confidential and dealt with sympathetically. You can also contact us via email and Victoria will call you back.

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