Spinal Injuries

Spinal injuries can cause significant, and sometimes devastating, effects on both you and your family.

Spinal injuries can lead to paralysis, creating a permanent need for care and a long-term loss of earnings. Less severe injuries can still have a major impact on life and work. Surgery is often needed. The effects commonly cause emotional distress.

They generally arise from accidents at work and road traffic accidents, but we have encountered injuries sustained in a range of other circumstances. Our specialist spinal injury lawyers are not only experts in establishing liability for your injuries, but also in ensuring that all elements of the compensation claim are pursued and addressed.

Significant spinal injury cases rarely finish quickly and it is important that they conclude on the proper basis, so that all of the physical and psychological injuries and all other losses and claims are identified and pursued.

Such cases are highly individual and there can be complex liability and medical issues. Dealing with the effects of spinal injuries can be very challenging both to you and your family. Considerable care and expertise are essential to effectively handle a claim, which our knowledge and experience enables us to provide.

Our spinal injury lawyers understand the issues that can arise and will provide help and support along the way.

You can be confident that we are well versed in ensuring appropriate treatment, including rehabilitation and assistance, are provided, and we are able to answer any questions you may have.

Our local but specialist personal service is especially important in complex spinal injury cases, which often do not resolve quickly but are hugely important to the client and their family. Our ability to deal with our clients face-to-face, and fully explain the issues and steps to take, is invaluable.