Solicitor and Other Lawyer Negligence

We at Battens have particular expertise in pursuing negligence claims against solicitors, barristers and other lawyers.  

We have considerable experience in successfully running claims arising from a range of legal work. Claims against other lawyers form one of our main areas of professional negligence work. Though lawyers inevitably try to do their best for their clients, mistakes are sometimes made. Many of these arise when lawyers take on work they should not. The effects on their clients can be substantial.    

Errors we commonly come across include:

  • Conveyancing negligence e.g. missed rights of way or covenants affecting title to land  
  • Under-settling of personal injury claims or clinical negligence claims  
  • Missed limitation periods which then prevent personal injury, clinical negligence or contract claims  
  • Negligently drafted Wills, and mistakes in the administration of estates  
  • Negligence in pursuing Inheritance Act claims or Will disputes  
  • Matrimonial finance, such as failure to deal properly with houses and pensions  
  • Negligence of solicitors already attempting to deal with lawyer negligence claims

Jon Dobson was for several years on the Solicitors Negligence Panel of the Legal Complaints Service before that service was replaced by the Legal Ombudsman, which did not set up its own panel. That lead to frequent instructions in cases of solicitor and other lawyer negligence, increasing his experience and expertise.  

Our large teams of specialist lawyers across Battens ensure we have expertise in the fields in which we pursue claims of negligence. Our professional negligence solicitors can draw on the experience of those specialists.

We are particularly aware that where clients have suffered at the hands of previous lawyers, it is vital that they are confident in our ability and expertise, as well as that they receive a high level of service from us.  

You can trust us to carefully analyse the case and your prospects of success, and not to shy away from pursuing your case or from giving you straight advice if you should walk away from it. We will usually start by considering the papers from the original transaction.  

We will work for clients on a 'No Win, No Fee' basis if we believe the prospects are sound. We are also happy to proceed under legal expenses insurance where available, and can invariably satisfy the insurers that they should agree for us to conduct the case.  

Although we always seek to resolve cases without the need for court proceedings, we are happy to issue proceedings and to pursue those all the way if that is necessary to achieve a proper outcome.  

We will advise about complaints to the Legal Ombudsman regarding poor service if that is an appropriate route for you to take, as well as or instead of bringing a damages claim.      

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