Road Traffic Accidents

Road traffic accidents occur all too commonly. You are entitled to claim compensation for injuries if the accident was caused by the fault, or carelessness, of someone else.

Whether from a lack of concentration, excess speed, failure to watch the road around them or distraction, drivers of vehicles continue to cause thousands of accidents. Injuries are suffered, and are sometimes life changing.

You may have been injured as a driver, a passenger in private or public transport, a motorcyclist, a cyclist or a pedestrian. You are entitled to be safe from avoidable accidents. If you have had the misfortune to be injured in a road traffic accident, which was someone else's fault, we will ensure that you are appropriately compensated as swiftly as possible.

Our specialist lawyers are experienced in handling injury claims, ranging from whiplash to loss of limbs and post traumatic stress disorder.

We handle claims involving severe injuries and death, as explained further on our spinal injury, head and brain injury and fatal accident pages.

Most claims are handled by the responsible driver's insurance company. We deal with claims against all of the major insurers and their claims handlers. We have a hard-won reputation for obtaining compensation for our clients. Where the driver was not insured, we are used to bringing claims against the Motor Insurance Bureau, which meets such claims.

We can handle most claims swiftly to ensure that compensation is paid within a few months. We also recognise the care required for complex claims, and the time those may take to be dealt with properly. We will arrange the treatment and rehabilitation required to ensure your recovery is as swift as possible. We will also pursue the full compensation due, to put your life back to where it should be as far as at all possible.

Insurance companies increasingly offer to pay compensation to stop claimants from instructing solicitors. Very rarely is the compensation anywhere near as much as it should be. It is very likely that whatever you are offered, your case is worth more. We will make no deduction from the proper compensation level to pay costs and expenses, so there is no risk to you in instructing us to recover the amount you should receive.