Property Dispute Resolution

At Battens, we take a realistic and practical approach to the resolution of all property disputes. We deal with residential and commercial landlord and tenant disputes, as well as land and property disputes generally.

We know the importance of understanding your objectives, and will advise on the most practical and cost-effective ways to achieve your goals. For example, the ideal way to secure your objectives may not necessarily be through litigation, or you may not wish to be burdened with excessive details of the legal technicalities if those niceties are of no practical use to you.

We recognise the importance of achieving a resolution which is speedy and can be gained at minimum cost and with minimum disruption to you.

Court proceedings may not be the best way to achieve your goals, and we will always pursue other avenues, such as mediation and arbitration, where that is best for you. We will, however, pursue court action with all vigour whenever appropriate and necessary.

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