There are many competing uses of land, and pressures to develop land in different ways. Planning law and policy governs how decisions on land use are made by local authorities and the Secretary of State. Not only is the policy and law complicated, it is also changing all the time, so navigating your way through the planning system can be time consuming and frustrating. At Battens, with our wealth of private client, commercial and public sector experience, we can help to overcome obstacles and solve problems.

We aim to provide pragmatic and clear advice. Whether you're a landowner seeking to unlock the value in your land or an objector to a proposed development we can help.

Environmental law continues to evolve and it is difficult to avoid having to deal with environmental issues as a business or a developer. Whether it is flooding or land contamination, habitat or species protection, or waste management and environmental permitting, we can help advise on the relevant law and policy. 

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