Nursing Care Claims

Good nursing care is fundamental to treatment and recovery. Good, considerate, proactive nursing care can make all the difference and foster early recuperation.

Unfortunately, not all nursing care is as it should be. Mistakes happen, sometimes as a result of an inappropriate assessment of care needs at the start of an in-patient stay. Failures and mistakes in care can have disastrous results, with injury or illness following as a result.

Mistakes include:

  • Poor care resulting in the development of pressure sores and ulcers leading to gangrene
  • Errors in medication
  • Errors and failures in regular observations
  • Fractures and other injuries from falls or handling errors

At Battens, we have experience in dealing with nursing care claims. If you are concerned that the care you received was negligent, and that you have suffered illness or injury as a direct result, call Victoria Knight on 01935 846131 for a free consultation. Your discussion will be confidential and dealt with sympathetically. You can also contact us via email and Victoria will call you back.

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