Immigration - Costs and Timescale Guidelines

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In almost every case, a consultation fee of £300 will be charged. If the individual is resident for VAT purposes in the United Kingdom, that will include the VAT but if the individual is resident overseas then it will be £300 flat fee.  During the consultation the individual will be seen by Lee Campbell or any such case workers as we direct to ascertain all of the elements pertinent to their immigration situation, including immigration history, exceptional circumstances and possible routes to application.  Within that fee, unless otherwise agreed between the potential client and the fee earner, there will be follow up advice in writing by email to outline the best options to the client on the basis of the instructions given in consultation.

Once the consultation has taken place and the best route forward has been identified, a client care letter is then sent to the client fully setting out the fees, due in advance, on the file in respect of the application route chosen.  That client care letter will also set out all Home Office fees that arise from the application and any other incidental fees such as translation or postage if they are likely to be incurred.  It is not possible to give an outline of all of the Home Office fees that may apply on an application because there are so many and they change regularly, however, a link is here provided to the most up to date Home Office fees at the time this has been written.

For our fees we confirm that they are on a fixed fee basis and are only charged on an hourly rate if the application course isn’t clear or if there is support for an organisation that is as and when required or if an individual withdraws before the application is submitted.

The hourly rate is:

Directors/Consultants £230 - £275
Associates/Senior Associates £165 - £230
Other Solicitors/Legal Executives £140 - £175
Trainee Solicitors/Paralegals £60 - £140

There is also the possibility of a discount for NHS forces and other emergency staff and that would be 10% and is applied on the full application work not on the consultation.  Our fees are here set out below:

Fixed fees packages are listed below. The fee earner’s hourly rates will be charged for clients who withdraw before an outcome is reached to reflect the time spent.

The fees below do not include VAT or disbursements, such as application fees, that may apply.  They do include all work to the point of decision including all attendances and both written and telephone communication with the client and relevant third parties.  Consideration, preparation and submission of application and relevant supporting documents, copies of documents and domestic postage is also included.

Fees are payable on account of costs at the start of the matter after terms and ID have been provided.  When the work has been undertaken an invoice will be generated transferring costs from the client account to the office account.  That receipted invoice will be provided to the client. In most cases a consultation fee is applied to each matter of £250 plus VAT (or £300 if the client is VAT exempt).  If the client requests a discount on the Fee Package, and that is agreed, the consultation fee can be discounted.

Subject to confirmation from the Accounts Team, VAT is not chargeable to clients who are not resident for tax purposes in the United Kingdom.

Business immigration packages

Type of application Fixed Fee (exclusive of VAT)
Tier 1 Investor
Entry clearance £4,500
Extension £5,000
Tier 1 Entrepreneur
Entry clearance £3,000
Extension £4,000 (if we did first app) £4,995
Tier 1 Graduate Entrepreneur
Entry clearance £2,000
Extension £1,500
Tier 2&5 Advice on obtaining a sponsor licence (including prevention of illegal working audit & report)
For companies with 1-10 sponsored employees £1,500
For companies with 11-50 sponsored employees £2,500
For companies with 50+ sponsored employees To be negotiated with client
Prevention of illegal working audit
For companies with 1-10 employees £1,300 or hourly rate
For companies with 11-50 employees £2,300 or hourly rate
For companies with 50+ employees To be negotiated with client
Tier 2&5 Licence Management
For companies with 1-10 CoS £1,200 a month
For companies with 11-50 CoS £1,800 a month
For companies with 50+ CoS 6 months minimum To be negotiated with client
Tier 2&5 advice on issuing Certificate of Sponsorship (CoS)
Unrestricted £600
Restricted £1500
Tier 2 (General; Minister of Religion; Sportsperson)
Entry clearance £900
Extension £725
Tier 5 Temporary Worker (Charity Worker; Creative and Sporting; Government Authorised Exchange; International Agreement; Religious Worker)
Entry clearance £800
Extension £625
Youth Mobility
Entry clearance £500
Tier 4 Student
Entry clearance if degree level or above £1800
Entry clearance if degree level or below £1500
Extension if degree level or above £800 if we did initial application; £1000 if not
Extension if degree level or below £600 if we did initial application; £800 if not

*Tier 2&5 licence management includes acting as Level 1 or 2 user; issuing CoS; all advice and representation in connection with sponsoring of non EU employees. Individual immigration packages

Type of application Fixed Fee (exclusive of VAT)
Long Residence
10 years lawful residence £1,500
British Citizenship
Naturalisation £650
Registration as BC £650
First application for British Passport £375
Renewal of British Passport £150
European Nationals and their Family Members
Residence card £600
Family permit £1200
Permanent residence (employed) £1200
Permanent residence (self-employed) £1400
Croatian nationals - first applications (permanent residence as above) £600
Family Members of British Citizens and Settled Persons
Entry clearance if employed or N/A £1,700
Entry clearance if self-employed £1,900
Extension if employed or N/A £1,300
Extension if self-employed £1,500
Fees for spouse application will be reduced by 1/3 if we did the fiancé application
Indefinite Leave to Remain
for spouse/partner £1,000
for entrepreneur £4,000
Ancestry Visa
Entry clearance £750
Extension if employed £550
Extension if self employed £675
Visitor Visa
6 month visa £700
2 year visa £850
5 year visa £900
10 year visa £1,000
Schengen Visa
Single entry £450
Multi entry £750

A 10% discount applies to all applications from the forces and the emergency services (including all NHS staff) plus see attached sheet

‘Our reputation is built on recommendation.  For each referral that progresses past a consultation we offer the referring client a 10% discount on any future applications for themselves or immediate family members – mothers, fathers, partners, husbands, wives or children.’  That goes out in a card at the end of every successful matter.

In terms of processing times, we are able to assist a client as quickly as they can get the documents together and will always endeavour to meet the client’s key dates.  If it is clear that, because of outstanding documents or inability to collate them on the part of the client, then we will give that warning that a date may not be met but, to date, that has never been necessary.  In every case the Home Office processing times are the standard times as published but they are not an absolute and so we give an indication to the client, depending on the application, as to how long it is likely to take in practice but we make it clear that is only an indication.  Sometimes the Home Office can take a great deal longer than the published processing times and there is not necessarily any obvious reason for that.