Hunting, Shooting and Fishing Rights

Hunting, shooting and fishing are all popular activity sports, and need to be considered when dealing with buying, selling or leasing land. The hunting and fishing rights on land may be worth a substantial sum, and are often sold and traded in their own right, separate from the land itself.  You do, therefore, need to be 100% sure of what you are going to do or what has been done with any sporting potential for the land.

Once potential sporting rights are identified, we may find that upon further examination, the rights no longer exist, have been sold off separately or are not as exclusive as you had thought they were, with other people having been granted rights or licences in respect of them.

In letting the land, you will want to make sure that the rent and the rent review provision reflect what you have agreed.

All these rights are complicated, and there are some real pitfalls for the unwary.

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