Highways and Infrastructure

New large developments often need improvements to infrastructure. Where the community infrastructure levy is being collected, we can advise on the regulations and possible exemptions available.

We can help with the drafting of s278 and s38 agreements, concerning the highway works and s104 agreements.

Rights of way over land can cause problems to proposed development, and also if you are a landowner will impact on how you use your land. There is now a procedure under the Highways Act 1980 to help landowners guard against the creation of new public rights of way, which we can help you take advantage of. Where a stopping up or diversion order is needed, we can help advise on the different procedures and assist you in making the necessary applications. If you want to amend the definitive map to add a public right of way we can help and assist in collecting the relevant evidence and make representations.

The law on village greens continues to evolve and legislative changes are making it harder for land to be registered as a village green. There are steps landowners can take to help guard against the registration of land as a village green, which we can advise on. We have experience also of defending applications to register land as village greens.

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