Consumer Disputes

It is a regrettable fact that not all people and companies supply the goods and experiences paid for, but instead problems arise which are inconvenient, frustrating and sometimes costly. You may be seeking to claim compensation or the right to return an item, or you are being pursued for payment for something defective. If the dispute is a substantial one, or otherwise important to you, our consumer dispute lawyers have the expertise to help.

We regularly advise and represent clients in a wide range of consumer disputes. A few examples are:

  • Defective vehicles
  • Repossession of vehicles
  • Refusal of insurance companies to pay out on claims
  • Holiday and travel claims
  • Claims under insurance for credit card purchases
  • Professional negligence

We have specialist consumer disputes lawyers with years of experience of consumer disputes and able to provide expert advice. We will advise you about options to resolve your disputes. If required, we will provide strong representation in court proceedings taken by or against you, including advocacy at hearings.

Legal costs are usually only claimable in cases found by the court to be worth over £10,000. We will pursue not only your claim but also your costs in such cases and expect to recover most of your legal costs from your opponent. We may be able to undertake cases where your case is worth over £10,000 under conditional fee (no win no fee) agreements, if the case is strong enough. We are able and willing to assess whether we can act on that basis. There are likely to be some charges for our initial work, whilst we assess the case in order to be able to decide. There may be expenses other than our time which you do still need to pay for, for example, court fees and expert reports.

We are also happy to act under legal expenses insurance attached to house and contents policies where arrangements can be made with insurers. Many such insurance policies provide cover for at least some types of consumer cases. They may well cover other expenses as well as the charges for our time.

It is likely that you will not get your legal costs back in cases worth under £10,000, although costs are sometimes awarded, and we have successfully claimed costs back in some such cases. You may consider that it is worth spending some money on legal advice and assistance in disputes about items worth several thousand pounds to maximise your prospects, even where you may not get that cost back. Wherever we can undertake certain worthwhile tasks in cases worth under £10,000 and leave you to deal with the simpler elements, we will advise you of that and we are happy to work on that basis.

Legal costs are not cheap, reflecting our experience and expertise. If we consider that we cannot cost-effectively assist you, we will say so. We may then suggest other agencies who can assist.