Clinical and Medical Negligence

Medical or clinical negligence is the term used to describe substandard/negligent healthcare or treatment which directly results in injury or additional illness. By way of example, it can mean a delayed or wrong diagnosis, failed surgery or inadequate nursing care, any of which may support a legal claim.

Specialising in medical negligence, the team are there to advise and assist with your healthcare concern and discuss all options open to you.


  • Complaints
    We provide a service and assistance with writing and pursuing complaints. Our fees are competitive and dicussed and agreed in advance. We believe it is important to ask the correct questions in order to investigate your concerns fully and result in the provision of answers and explanations as to the care and decisions made over your care of a loved one. Email
  • Reports
    When concerns are raised as to particular aspects of care or treatment it is often appropriate and necessary to seek an independant medical opinion. We provide a service facilitating the provision of that opinion and our service includes reviewing and analysing that opinion. Email for more information. Again, our fees are competitive and our objective is to provide the best service to you.
  • Legal Claims
    We provide a service to consider and pursue, as appropriate, clinical negligence claims. Such claims are based on below standard care or treatment causing injury or illness which was otherwise avoidable.
    See our article which explains the basis of this area of law here.

Your Claim

If you have concerns that you or a loved one has received care or treatment that was incorrect, delayed or improperly carried out resulting in illness, injury and financial loss, do give Victoria or Lorraine at Battens a call to discuss this. You can be assured that your concerns will be discussed sympathetically and confidentially.


We will ask you if you have any legal expenses insurance. It may be possible for you to use such cover to instruct us to deal with your claim.

We can also consider whether your claim is suitable for a no win no fee agreement. Under such an agreement, we will only charge for our work on your case if you are successful. What's more, in the event of a successful claim, the majority of our charges will be paid by the defendant. Following recent changes in the law, you may now be liable for some charges, but we can guarantee that you will keep a minimum of 75% of your compensation.

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Clinical and Medical Negligence Flyer 

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