Accidents at Work

Your employer is under a duty to protect you in the workplace. The employer must ensure that you have a safe place to work and a safe system of work, that adequate and appropriate training is given to you and those you work with, that the correct personal protective equipment is provided to enable you to carry out your work safely and comply with other duties to minimise the risk of harm.

The duties on your employer apply wherever you work, whether in a factory, an office, in public buildings or outside. They apply to full-time and part-time employees, temporary workers and agency workers and most of them also apply to self employed contractors. Although you should be able to work safely, preventable accidents do happen.

We are regularly instructed by a wide range of workers undertaking diverse roles and tasks. If the employer has not complied with its duties and you are injured, it is likely that a compensation for the effects upon you can be claimed.

Our accident at work lawyers have extensive experience of identifying the relevant regulations and duties to ensure liability is established. Our specialists understand the difficulties and losses caused and are well versed in recovering the maximum appropriate compensation, including to compensate for lost earnings and treatment needed to ensure return to work, where possible, as swiftly as can be achieved. We will ask the court to pay some of your compensation early if your case is more complex and will take some time to resolve.

Types of cases we have successfully pursued include:

  • Falls from unstable or unfooted ladders and unsafe scaffolding
  • Lifting injuries from heavy loads or repetitive lifting
  • Injuries to limbs from unsafe defective or unguarded machinery
  • Trips and falls over defects in the flooring or objects obstructing the walkway
  • Burns from defective gloves and face coverings
  • Electrocution from unsafe electrical equipment

However, our lawyers' experience goes far beyond those examples.

Some claims are thankfully for injuries, which resolve fairly quickly with limited loss of earnings and other effects. Others involve the need to change career or limitations on job opportunities or even an inability to work at all.

We understand that you may feel some reluctance to claim against your employer, particularly in smaller companies. Your employer has to carry employer's liability insurance.

Claims are handled and paid out by the insurance company, not by the employer. You are protected by law from a claim affecting your relationship with your employer. If there is any specific reason for concern, our specialist employment solicitors can advise you.