Purchase of Farm or Rural Land

The purchase of their farm is the most important purchase many people will make, and we know it has to be right. It does require an agricultural law specialist, as there are many unique complicating factors to consider with farms or rural land including:

  • Boundary issues (and we would recommend carrying out a farm visit)
  • Basic payment scheme entitlements and their transfer (or that of any existing environmental land stewardship scheme, for example)
  • Advice on tenancy-related issues, including surrenders, assignments, licences
  • Transfer or reservation of any sporting rights
  • Ensuring access to the public highway
  • Advising on third party rights, such as way leaves and rights of way
  • Private water supply issues
  • Employment issues
  • Early entry for crop cultivation or holdover by the seller for existing crops
  • Planning issues
  • Tax considerations

Sale of a Farm or Rural Land

Once you have decided to sell your farm, you will instruct both your selling agent and your solicitor to work closely to ensure that all aspects of the sale are considered prior to marketing. We can help with:

  • Boundary considerations for the sale brochure
  • Preparing the legal pack to help the sale go smoothly once a buyer is found
  • Ironing out any issues that would be a concern to a buyer
  • Helping with option or overage rights and rights of 'first refusal'
  • Consideration of SFP entitlements and schemes
  • Access to crops or storage needed after the sale has completed
  • Providing for a farm equipment auction before the sale has completed
  • Planning documentation
  • Land not being sold that requires rights over the remainder being sold

Whatever your circumstances, we will guide you to a successful completion and ensure that all aspects are considered.