IT Disputes

Many products and services now either have a technological element or contain nothing but IT. Hardware may have software with, or embedded in, it. Services may relate purely to IT, for example, the creation of an online trading platform, or training on the use of a new IT system.

We represent manufacturers of physical products and also software developers, distributors and customers. The work we handle is diverse: agreements for the supply of hardware or software, software development, the use of managed services and cloud storage, or e-commerce and web-based business.

With disputes arising in this area, the general law may be rather out of date. The law in relation to copyright which protects code, for example, was created at a time when it was relied on to protect plays and novels rather than software.

The contracts involved in a dispute may also be unhelpful. They may have been drafted entirely from the supplier's point of view, and may impose on the supplier no real obligations to do anything specific.

We help our clients to negotiate their way through this complex legal environment and to achieve the best outcome obtainable, with the minimum of delay and at a manageable expense.

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