Intellectual Property Disputes

Increasingly, a large part of the value, and a large contributor to the success, of any business is its intellectual property. This may include patents, trademarks, designs, copyright and confidential information such as industrial processes and customer lists.

Unfortunately, disputes can arise between businesses in relation to such valuable assets. Frequently, the disputes take the form of a commercial neighbour dispute, for the disagreement arises between two businesses, which are very close to each other in the business space, and are battling for supremacy over the same commercial patch of ground. Though these disputes can be bitter and hard-fought, in many cases, they are of little interest to anybody apart from the parties involved.

We have significant expertise in intellectual property disputes, particularly in the high court and in the patents county court.

Where enforcement action is necessary, following a threatened or actual infringement, we have acted on each side of such cases and have the experience to advise and represent you if you need to take or defend that action.

We can also advise clients as to how to avoid the risk of confrontation where they know they are considering sailing close to the wind.

On the technological side, we have considerable expertise in copyright disputes which involve software and in domain name disputes.

One of the most important assets of a business is its confidential information, and we help clients where a member of their staff has gone to a competitor with an intention of passing confidential information, particularly about customers, to the new employer.

We also advise and represent employees where they have left a business and have received accusations that they have stolen confidential information.

We take urgent action, including high court injunctions, if necessary, to protect clients' confidential information and income. We defend proceedings taken against our clients where those proceedings are faced.

Our experience in IP issues, and our interest in them, mean that we approach all disputes in this area confident that we can secure a good outcome for our clients.

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