Company Secretarial

Everyone has a story and companies are no different. Each has a start, middle and eventually an end: and sometimes a sequel!

The Company Secretarial Team can help you every step of the way, committed to offering a practical, friendly, straightforward service for all of your corporate governance requirements. We have considerable experience in advising and assisting businesses, individuals and charities in all aspects of corporate governance.

Whether you are a property developer requiring a property management company, a group of leaseholders wishing to take over the management or ownership of your building, a multi-national organisation or a single person starting out on their own, our Team can hold your hand every step of the way.


Company Formations

Basic Formation

If your proposed Company is simple in structure then after obtaining some basic information about the company we can submit the necessary paperwork electronically and within 48 hours the Company should be incorporated.

What will I receive ?

  • A fully incorporated company
  • Electronic Certificate of Incorporation, Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association (under the Companies Act 2006)  

Full Incorporation 

The above plus completed statutory registers and agenda and Board Minutes of the first Board Meeting if required.

Bespoke Incorporation

Not all types of companies can be formed through electronic filing and to overcome this we offer a bespoke service tailoring Articles of Association drafted to your requirements.

If you wish to purchase statutory books, we can obtain these for you at an additional fee.


Registered Office Address

UK companies are required to have a registered office in the UK. We can provide the Company with a registered office address and will forward all documents unopened or dealt with according to your instructions to an address advised by you. (Suggested fee £120 + VAT pa).

Directors Service Address

Similar to our Registered Office Service but for the individual Director. For a small annual fee a director can use our office address as their service address. All public records at Companies House will show this address in searches carried out on your company. Your residential address legally has to be disclosed to Companies House but is held privately. All correspondence addressed to you will be forwarded to your specified location either in the UK or overseas unopened or dealt with according to your instructions. (Suggested fee £120 + VAT pa).

Company Secretary Service

The full Company Secretarial service includes the Registered Office service but also covers many of the ongoing tasks that are required to ensure that the Company’s administration is compliant with current company law regulations throughout the year.   This service includes:  

  • A Registered Office address
  • A Company Secretary
  • Routine Director appointments*
  • Forwarding reminders of important filing dates
  • Filing the Confirmation Statement (formerly known as the Annual Return) at Companies House**
  • Maintaining and updating Statutory Registers
  • Preparation of board minutes for routine matters*
  • Share allotments*
  • Filing the Annual Statutory Accounts with Companies House
  • Preparation of AGM agenda, board minute (on instruction) and proxy notice (on instruction)
  • Change of accounting reference date (on instruction)

Up to 4 per year **£13 filing fee.

We are also able to attend your AGMs, Board Meetings or Seminars to advise on changes in legislation which will affect your company.  

Annual Confirmation Statement Filing

You may wish to maintain your registers yourself, but would like a reminder and assistance to ensure that the Company’s Annual Confirmation Statement (previously the Annual Return) is filed correctly and on time each year. When your Annual Confirmation Statement is due, we will contact you to find out if there have been any changes in the company structure during the year, and then file the Confirmation Statement on your behalf. £75 + VAT pa.  

Dormant Company Maintenance

If you have incorporated you company solely for name protection purchases and never intend to trade with it, or you have incorporated with the view that the company may be useful at some point in the future, then you should find our Dormant Company Maintenance service useful. We will file the company’s Annual Confirmation Statement each year, as above, but will also file dormant company accounts for as long as the company remains dormant. £100 + VAT pa.  

Statutory Books Health Check

Not sure if you are 100% compliant with your Statutory Books and would like a member of the Team to review them for you? Or maybe your business has recently undergone a restructure or purchased a company and you would like us to update the Statutory Books for you? The Team can complete a statutory review to ensure consistency, completing any remedial work and ensuring 100% compliance. Fee to be agreed as a quotation and is dependent on the level of activity and size of business.  

Statutory Books Reconstruction

Have you recently become a Director of a small company or moved offices or suffered a loss of premises from fire or water damage and need your Statutory Books reconstructing? Fees from £200 + VAT, depending on the age of the company and the number of transactions in the company's history. Please contact us for an accurate quote.



Whether buying or selling a business or shares in a company, the transaction proceeds smoothly and cost effectively, that you are kept fully informed at all times and that your interests are protected. Contact our Business Services Team for an accurate quote.  

Voluntary Strike Off

Do you own a company which you no longer require and wish to have it removed from the Companies House register ? Voluntary Strike Off is an option available to companies which have ceased trade and have no assets or liabilities. Please contact us for an accurate quote. 


Company Restoration - Whether it is to recover assets or to continue trading with the company, we can take you through the process step by step. There are two routes to reinstate a company: either via Court Order or through administrative restoration. The method of restoration depends on whether the company was dissolved or struck off. It can also depend on why you want to restore the company. Please contact us for an accurate quote.    

Together with our highly skilled Business Services Team, we can also offer professional legal advice to your Company on any corporate matter on Battens’ standard terms and conditions.

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