Commercial Disputes

Disagreements affecting businesses are rarely welcome. They can become a huge distraction and create significant cost in terms of money, resources and time. Even if they win, businesses are likely to have spent time, energy and money they will never get back.

Our key goal is to identify and analyse the key issues around which the dispute will revolve and to discard red herrings. We map out the best path forward with confidence and certainty.

We provide our commercial clients with a rapid and effective conclusion to the dispute, on the best terms achievable.

As part of our service, we give clear, sensible and practical advice. We give a positive recommendation as to which way to proceed, which may include negotiations and settlement meetings, mediation and arbitration, as well as court proceedings.

Although it may not always be possible or indeed desired, we help our clients to maintain a relationship with their opponent if that is what their business needs.

It may be necessary for us to obtain an injunction or other emergency order from the court. This may include an immediate order to stop the commercial position being altered, or to put it back where it should be. Occasionally, a search and seizure order is needed if important evidence has to be preserved before anyone alters or destroys it.

Since litigation can be expensive, we give full advice about the cost and the ways in which it can best be covered, including no win no fee agreements, discounted rates and legal expenses insurance.

We never lose sight of the factors that matter most to commercial clients: the securing of their objectives at a reasonable and manageable cost, with the minimum amount of disruption and within a sensible timescale.